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345 Myrtle Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11205


At Red Lantern Bicycles, we believe that bicycles are one of human kinds’ greatest inventions.

We also believe that they are the best way to get around this great city. That’s why we specialize in helping you, the commuter.

Red Lantern Bicycles - 2011 - 2017

Dear friends and neighbors,

I regret to inform you that after 7 years of scrapping and fighting for survival on this block, Red Lantern Bicycles will be closing.

The block has changed a great deal since my family set up shop in July of 2011. We opened the bike shop and cafe to create a space to hang out, drink beers, and nerd out about all things bike.

It's always been about the inclusivity of bike culture; a sense of freedom, independence, adventure, exploration, and identity.

I've observed this neighborhood and its inhabitants go about their business during the years we've been open. You can't really describe Fort Greene, it's an awesome hodge-podge of humanity; is eclectic the word? Rich, poor and in between. Young, old. Artists, professionals. Folks from all backgrounds and races mix and mingle in this wonderful community. It's not perfect and it's not utopia but it does make me consider where we are in the world today and how important it is to retain that sort of 'diversity'.

I remember when there was no Starbucks, Citibike, or Amazon Prime. I remember when the things I enjoyed weren't corporately sponsored. I wanted to be a part of that culture. I wanted to create something unique that I could share with folks. I imagined the Ramones in all their ugliness, weirdness, and non-conformity. They had a simple, powerful idea. On the outside it was modest but on the inside, it smashed you in the face.

Come by for a last hang before the cafe closes at the end of October. We'll endeavor to keep working and servicing your bicycling needs and desires until November 30.

One last request: please support your local small businesses and establishments. Without them, our shared future as a community will be more fragmented, much blander and poorer in ways it's hard to articulate in so few words. I wouldn't want to imagine it.

It's been an honor and privilege to serve you and get to know you.

Brian, Lena, and the crew.