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345 Myrtle Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11205


At Red Lantern Bicycles, we believe that bicycles are one of human kinds’ greatest inventions.

We also believe that they are the best way to get around this great city. That’s why we specialize in helping you, the commuter.


The Cafe

Our cafe is the hub of the cycling industry here in New York. It's the go to spot for meet ups, classes, hang outs, and just plain chillaxing. We have NYC beers on tap, a single origin Guatemalan bean in our coffee, and some really delicious food to eat and snack on. 

Come wait for your bike or just hang with us and re-fuel in our cafe!

There’s a cup of organic coffee for everyone here: French press, espresso, our killer cold brew. We carry a full range of hot and iced teas. We squeeze our own citrus juices and strain small batches of nut milk in-house. North Side Bakery muffins and croissants arrive fresh every morning. They also bake our bread for our sandwiches and burgers fresh everyday. Ovenly supplies us with amazing sweets. Bannana bread, scones, cookies, and brownies... 

Already had breakfast? Savory or sweet, we have plenty of afternoon noshes. Come try our panini press sandwiches and small salads. We also show some love to our vegan friends with empanadas from  Monk's Meats.

Check out our menu here!

We’re proud to be the first bike shop in New York State to serve beer and wine. Our wines are impressive yet unpretentious, and our newly expanded beer list emphasizes New York breweries. We’re also excited to start mixing up some tasty new session cocktails, created by our friend Arya Zafarnia. Check out our nighttime nibbles like house-made bar snacks and small plates to pair with your drinks.

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